Been Awhile....

Image result for edgar allen poe quotes  Well it's been almost a year since my last post.. It hasn't seemed like that long since my fingers last touched these keys...pouring my heart and soul into this online private diary...haha...well kind off. Know one I know really reads this or even knows that I have IT.. for the most in a sense its a very private special place just between me and whoever may stumble upon these pages... I've really been struggling of late.. Feeling very left out, taken for granted, and hurt by oblivious people who seemingly only think of themselves. I'm one of those people that hold it all in until I'm about to bust...then alas...ITS NOT PRETTY.. I've been so emotional, everything is hurting my feelings, I'm having chronic painful migraines probably due in part to the stress...I've been so fatigued and low energy...possibly the allergy shots and allergy meds. My best friend tells me I've gotten really negative and I used to be so positive the girl who always touted "TO BELIEVE" Well she is right and I feel as if I've lost apart of myself along the way on this journey we call LIFE... I have to get myself back... Today is a new Beginning...the start of a new way of thinking and being... I have tooo do this for my own sanity....till next time...and it won't be a year..


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