On a Journey....

"A journey through your past is like being on a Treasure Hunt"
I've been talking about having more time to do the "little things" Hmmmm...Come on Girl Make TIME!!! I need to somehow hold to that crazy optimistic idea...smile.. I've recently been watching alot Of Who Do You Think You Are...its a ancestry.com show that tracks the family histories of celebrities. The great thing about the show is that it really shows you how to do research, the tips and tricks...And I've really tried to follow their lead..I've learned that to find more information you really have to take the search to the actual places the ancestors lived and spent their lives.. However that being said, I'm not a celebrity on a ancestry.com show with unlimited money, and airfare...haaaa..to go traipsing around the world whenever I pick up a trail...So how do I get around that??? Send emails, and letters to the places where the ancestors were, libraries, local town halls...research is the key....Find out all you can on the net, and use the nets resources to their furthest capacity... Then one day I may be able to take a trip....I love this quote from the show...IN order to walk in your ancestors footsteps, you must first pick up their trail?........SO TRUE
  Also I have to stop treating the people in my genealogy as simply names and dates...also trying to find out about everyone...HMMM very Impossible. Pick a couple people I want to find out more about and go from there. Focus on them.. Start small You'll find out more.


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