No Bumper Crop...

Yep...the title says it all....No bumper crop in nada, absolutely nothing in my garden this season! Actually I ended up with a total of 5 tomatoes this growing season!!!UGHHHHHH! So frustrating..5 tomatoes from 16 tomato plants is a humiliation.. So what happened? Lets see the squirrels were bandits number one...definitely on my most wanted list. These little voracious eaters ate every green tomato that came on the vine...must be a bad winter a The bees seem to be leaving most likely from the widespread use of pesticides.. sadly myself included. Yes I'm planning on changing...this time I But seriously the bees are leaving their not pollinating as much..low yield on cucumbers, and squash which are usually super good producers. My soil needs amended..badly.. And to top it all off this growing season was plagued with either flooding rain..killing rains, or prolific drought and crazy high heat...What is going on??? Most growers in the area have said this season has been pretty pathetic...guess I'm not the only one...sigh


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