Master Naturalist

I'm thinking about doing the Master Naturalist Program. It's similar to Master Gardener's but more geared toward...all things wild, woodland, and hmmm another W? It's more about conservation, preserving resources, wildlife, wild plants, and forest management then horticulture, and gardening. Sounds like another awesome branch of all things green to it! There isn't a current class available locally but I'm on the waiting
All courses offer a minimum of eight three-hour sessions focusing on Indiana's natural resources. The specific topics for each course may vary, but in general each series include sessions related to Geology/Soils, Water, Botany, Zoology, People and Natural Resources, and a Miscellaneous course.
Cost: A fee is normally charged, but the dollar amount may vary with the number of sessions, the type of speakers, and the sponsors.
The number and locations of courses vary across the state and depend on the time of year and the interest of local natural resources agencies in the program. For information about locations of a course near you, contact the state coordinator or check this website.


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