My Rain Soaked Life.....

Yes that's the common theme in these parts... Today I read a article in the newspaper about how all this rain is effecting our soil health, root systems, and just pretty much everything!!! Even our moods. It seems the rain has been a reoccurring theme on my blog and off.. Rain Rain go away is just as true today as it was the other day when I wrote about Sorry to complain nature but we actually can have to much of a good thing...geeee. Last night as I was coming home form work a storm came and about blew us all away. This morning tree limbs are down, everything is just soaked, and wind beaten...and many are left without power....ughhh round 2, 3, 4, no maybe round 20 is more appropriate. All the nutrients are leaching out of the soil...leaves are yellowing, poor harvests are inevitable if at all... Stop the madness!!! Can we find a happy medium??


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