It's a New Year!!!

Welcome 2016!!. Yes indeed it's a New Year!! The last 2 years my blog has been a big part of my daily routine...however the last couple months it's kind of fallen into disrepute??? Why??? I think for the most part my daily absence on my blog has been more about me spending my online time on my Photography classes, rather than on my blog writing. I mean I only alot so much time for Internet frivolities...Hmmmm..I actually saw a pin the other day that was talking about how in the New Year we should all try and detox ourselves from the Internet... OMG If we even need a online detox..what's going on??We all spend so much time on the Internet...myself included...but I'm not as bad as most.. I reject the whole face book revolution thing and twitters, and snapchats, and all those other apps that seemingly consume our daily lives. I read somewhere the average person is on face book 2 hrs a day...Geee is all I can say. But I'm ranting... And today's post wasn't intended to be about rejecting social media but rather about why I've been such a slacker on my blog.... If this all seems like a walking, talking contradiction to you...well it kinda is...But I
  As I've said in the past my blog is my outlet, my refuge , my free therapist...SO thank for helping me stay sane... I'll try and do you better this year...SMILE


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