The Birch Tree Month

I was such a slacker and totally skipped my blog post on the Elder Moon...sorry Elder..You are important too... I did celebrate you in my own personal way.
But moving forward. I love the Birch Moon it's one of my favorite moon times because I love what it represents...New Beginnings...
The Celtic people used a series of trees and their correspondences to guide their daily lives...Wildy wierd and different??? Notta....We seemeingly find other people's cultures and traditions so foreign, so outlandish that we often mock and disregard them as not true or crazy... I'm one of those all roads lead to Rome type of girls...Were all going the same place we just take different paths to get there.. I mean why is so wierd that the ancient Celts used trees to mark their calenders with.. Instead of January..they had the Birch tree month.. They both basically meant the same thing. New Begginnings, starting a newyear, new years resolutions, letting go of the past...Though they may have had different cultural lensses in which the people were and are looking threw it all seems about the same to me.... Here's a little info...
The birch tree symbolizes a fresh start and can bring courage and determination to those of us who are treading the path of spiritual growth and development for the first time. 
Although the birch does appear fragile, it is in fact extremely hardy. This teaches us that in apparent weakness there is often to be found great strength.
The birch also promises new life and love, and is a potent symbol of purification and renewal, which focuses our attention on our potential for the change and on the consideration of new directions and goals to be experienced in our lives. 
It teaches the lesson of unselfishness and of caring for the needs of others in ways that help them to flourish of their own accord.
Birch moon teaches of potentials that stretch before you. She reflects the possibilities as the spectrum of color glistens on her white glittery face. Like a mother prepared to give birth, her belly rises and she presents you with a teaching. 
"This moon time will be like kneading bread and letting it rise before you cook it." Birch says to you.
Now, with the essence of Birch, you come into the rhythm of life, the empowerment of dreams, and the ability to vision your possibilities. 
Birch's essence is to create, bring together dreams and prepare for the new patterns of living. Understand Her. Use the lessons of the moon mothers you have already embraced... look at the bigger picture, listen and unfold your plans through creative visualization.


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