Homemade Biscuits...

I posted last year a buttermilk biscut recipe...but I'm thinking of trying this one.. This recipe is off a blog I follow called The Prairie Homestead!!

Fluffy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and sucanat together in a large bowl.
Cut in the cold butter until you have pea-sized butter chunks. (Or, try grating frozen butter with a cheese grater and adding the shreds into the flour.)
Add just enough buttermilk (or whey or soured milk) to make a heavy, wet dough.
“Knead” the dough lightly- only about 6-8 times-just enough to get everything to stick together. Do not overknead. Pat the dough out on a well-floured surface to approximately one inch thick. Use a floured glass or mason jar ring to cut into circles. (I recently snagged this set of biscuit cutters off of Amazon. Not an absolute necessity, but boy, do they make it nice!)
Place on an ungreased baking stone (where to buy) or cookie sheet. I like to leave the edges slightly touching as it makes for a softer biscuit. If you prefer crunchier biscuits, then spread them out a bit more.
Bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for approximately 10 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.


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