NO Peony's for Derby?

In these parts there are a few ever is crazy unpredictable weather?? When does one season end and the other begin, well we actually have no idea??? For two we all know that you don't plant your flowers till after Derby...and your peony's should be blooming on Derby day!! Around here this system just makes sense.. However, this year Derby came and went and still no peony's.. So I beg to ask the question??? What's up with that? I have 2 peony bushes in the side yard, and both are just now May 10th showing signs of a probable bloom, perhaps in a few days...hmmmmm. Needless to say I'm feeling like this is indicating a late spring...which I called early on. Due in part to the late March snow, and the twenty plus inches of rain we had in April...the poor things just didn't no what to do??? I'm also going to go out on a limb and predict a scorcher of a summer, and possible drought conditions here in Indiana this growing season. We will see just how far off  I am...till next time...


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