Homemade Cheesecake...

Let me tell ya...Homemade cheesecake is a real pain in the a#%...smile..LOL I did one today.. And let me tell ya I haven't made a baked from scratch cheesecake in many years...Hmmm...Maybe there was a reason for that. I ended up finding the recipe a guy at work uses so I ventured to try that one. It was simple enough to put together...but the baking was what seemed like hours.. Well actually about a hour and a half...for real.. no exaggeration. It didn't crack though..woohoo.. Will it taste good not sure?? I added a little white chocolate in the mix. And I put crushed oreos and drizzled white chocolate on top for presentation.. It actually looks quite scrumptious but I'm not sure about in reality if it tastes good or not. I'm chilling it in the fridge I hope that will firm it up more. I love those easy  Jello mix ones there actually very yummy.. Also I make the kind where you mix sugar, whip cream and cream cheese and let it chill in the fridge those are indeed fabulous.. I think from now on Ill stick to them..SMILE


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