The True Meaning??

For many the Holiday Season marks a time of year for gift giving....Yes its a wonderful thing... To share your love with those closest to you and to give and receive expressions of that love. In today's world we take that expression a step further...well wayyyyyyyyyy further. We have people fighting over the cheap TV's on a day that has become known as Black Friday...aka the day after Thanksgiving. People are shoving there way threw lines, fights always seems to break out, and anyone who has been shopping on Black Friday knows, people are seemingly at their worst..complete with foul moods and attitude... OH My... I've come to the conclusion the sales will wait till next week, nothings worth dealing with those type of crowds. Internet shopping is on the rise...I can see Our expressions of love have become how big and expensive a gift can be. Yesterday I heard on the news...that men aren't suppose to buy cheap jewelry for Christmas that's just somehow wrong.....UGHHHH what if that's all he can afford, what if she likes costume jewelry better, and besides and this is probably the biggest point of all....It's the thought that counts. Money spent doesn't mean the thought is deeper?? Does it??? Somehow are society seems to think the more you spend the more you love...I don't by it! So the true meaning of Christmas is what...Commercialism, Sales, Materialism??? Not to mention the actual true meaning of Christmas......Jesus's Birthday!!! To honor his birth!! What happened to that..Today we are arguing over whether or not we can display a manger...Ughh.. Come on now that's what Christmas is all about?? Right? Isn't Christmas a Christian Holiday??? Why would we not put up mangers?? How did we get so lost. I know my friends and family have talked for years about one year just trying homemade know breads, jellies, cookies, ornaments, and other things you can make.. Things that one has to really put forth their time and talent to create.. To me those types of gifts are the best anyway. Because it shows how well a person knows you, and a great deal of time and effort on the person's part to show their love. Now does going to buy a 3,000 dollar ring show the same love...hmmmm. I'm not saying a ring isn't nice but I'm not sure it sends the same message as a handmade scarf? However my own family has yet to try the handmade gift thing??? Why??? Well it's extremely hard to make that transition. For one children have been raised in world where if they don't get all the expensive computers, ipods, and cellphones they desire they are in some way unloved, and underprivileged?? I mean they really think lie. So it's hard to give a kid a scarf and expect them to be happy and thankful...Ohhh I know the horror of my words is clear to me as I type them... But that is our reality... Hopefully the next generations will have someone to tell them...Hey there is a thing called selfishness. Please be happy with what you get. Please realize that love isn't the same as things...Maybe one day my own family will come to that place... I do try to make somethings though, boxes of treats, and other handmade's a start in the right direction...atleast.


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