My 300th Post and other Ramblings...

Wow I can't believe this is my 300th post...Woohoo!!! I've been such a slacker of late on my blog. Here it is December 6th, and this is my first post for December ...mannn I'm gonna have to play catch I've been super busy, with my Master Gardener stuff, and Christmas, and just all mounted up, and that left little time for sitting on the computer. Yesterday I went to a Cover Crop class at the Harrison County Extension Office...It was very interesting! I learned so much, and I realized once more, the more you know the more you realize how little you do found out the winter wheat I planted this fall, will do little for my soil as far as adding nitrogen....a slight mix up. But I was told to plant crimson clover next year and it will do the trick. I learned about farming techniques and know how, and also how cover crops are excellent ways to help feed your animals through grazing activities, and the benefits cover crops add to your soil. It sounds like all the local farmers are really into planting Oats, and's all I heard walked in and instantly realized I was the minority. There were like 3 women there, and like 50 men...hmmm. My friend teased me today said, "Instead of being the farmer's daughter...your gonna be the farmer." LOL. Anyway it was loads of fun...and the yummy. There was this interesting Chili, made with beef, polish sausage, and all kinds of different beans.It tasted like it had BQ sauce in it. The lady told me it was a secret family recipe....sooooo never the less she wouldn't tell me...But I'm determined to find it on the net...Wish Me Luck!!! Cover coming soon!


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