Master Gardener Wreath Making Class!!!

Today I had a great time working,helping, and making my own Christmas Wreath at the Annual Master Gardener's Wreath Making Class!! Actually it's more of a Yule Wreath...very natural and rustic. Kind of like the people of old would have made to decorate their homes and commemorate Yule time! Take a These how to instructions make use of a different type of form than the ones we used today. I personally like the metal ones with the little prongs best. Why? Well basically because you don't have to mess with extra wire, and the prongs easily clamp down onto the inserted greenery, holding it in place...It's just easier. However these directions are pretty similar to today's activities!!
- Fresh evergreens, such as pine, holly, cedar, bittersweet, turkey beard, juniper, boxwood and many others. Be creative and use what you’ve got!
- Pruning shears
- Floral wire (on a roll)
- Heavier wire for a hanging loop (optional)
- Wreath form (You can either purchase one at a craft store or create one yourself with anything that will make a firm circular shape).
1. Gather Your Greenery. You can purchase your greenery or collect it from the yard. There are even many parks that will let you snip greenery, as they often need to prune back certain areas. Get pieces anywhere from 6″ to about 18″ in length. You can always trim later. Look to include interesting accents like berries and pine cones.

How to Make a Wreath - Starting the Process
Bill starts this wreath with a piece of fresh cedar. Photo: Jennifer Noonan
2. Add Greenery to Your Form. You’ve got to start somewhere, so just pick a piece of greenery (or a small bunch) and lay it on your form. Wrap floral wire around the lower part of the stem to secure it to the form. Wind the wire around three or four times and pull tight. Very tight. Lay another piece (or small bunch) of greenery over the first piece, with the stem 3″ to 4″ behind the first one, with the result that they overlap nicely. Wrap with wire, as you did the first stem. Continue to add greenery to work your way around the form.

How to Make a Wreath - Adding Greenery
Working around the form adding greenery. Photo: jencelene
3. Finish it Off. Once you’ve reached the place where you started, lift up the first piece of greenery you attached and stick the stem of your last piece underneath. Shift things around until you get the look you desire. If you find a spot that looks a little bare, you can simply wire another piece of greenery onto the form. And if you want to add a hanger, wrap a loop of heavier wire around the wreath form at the top. Add a bow too, if you like, before hanging your wreath for display.
How to Make a Wreath - Finishing Up


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