Garden Toil.....

Ok...I've been slacking on my blog...Why you say?? For a very good reason...I've been working in the garden! There is always so much work to be done. This year I had to take out 4 bushes and as I posted before it was a bear of a job. But I got it done, and have moved on to the fun part....Choosing and planting some wonderful new bushes for the front yard. I decided on all different types of hydrangeas, and a couple low growing holly's. I also got a "Little Kim" lilac honor of my Grandma Mae...she loved those. These Hydrangeas were a suggestion of my neighbor Mary, who taught me a great deal about gardening....I've also sewed grass seed, hauled mulch, and bought tons of flowers.....tomorrow is flower planting day.. I already planted the 8 new bushes today...Yahhh!!
A few photos...The snowball bush photo, as I call it was a start about 4 inches tall from a friend...that was 10 year ago...Look at her now!!! Oh and  there's also a pic of my first ever fondant


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