In the attempt to do good....

You know those times when life throws you a little boo boo...and your left looking at the endeavor thinking really? Well it was one of those moments this afternoon... A beautiful afternoon I might add a perfect time for seed starting...Oh and maybe the only time for seed starting considering we finally have a reprieve from the spring rains which have dumped a 11 plus inches on us...Oh My!!!So in these parts a sunny day is quite a treat... Anyway, In my attempt to do something good and productive, I'd put out my pots...probably 50 or so, and filled them with soil when I realized I was filling them with garden soil...UGHHHHHHHH!! Heaven could have heard me I thought I was using Miracle Grow Potting Soil...OOPS. Well I pondered just going with it...then I thought about my special seeds and changed my mind. I want them to have the best possible start...not a half #$@ one...So...I dumped all the pots back in the bag, and I'm just going to have to wait for another pretty day, and a trip to Walmart to start the little ones...Oh well.. Worse has happened.


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