Why do I???

You can't expect other people to do as you do?? You can't expect them to care as much, make cakes, send cards, be nice, be generous, forgiving, and kind...I mean I try...but that's me... Maybe that sounds a little righteous...But I do try, and I do, in fact try and do all those things for others... I have to stop comparing people to myself. And expecting others to treat me as I would treat them?? I must stop the madness. People are who they are?? I can either accept people as they are or not...and I have to stop feeling hurt or let down by people in general.. Maybe I am a rare bird....and I can't expect everyone else to be as I am...and then on top of that be hurt by it... I have bad thoughts like I'll just stop doing for others...I'll show them how it feels?? But that would lessen me...and that isn't me.. I have to be the bigger person, with the bigger heart regardless of how other people treat me.. At least in the end I'll know I was all I could be...


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