Yard Work...

January Dreaming... idea's on how to plan you garden here: http://www.sowanddipity.com/garden-planning/Well I've been out this afternoon working in the yard..It does feel good to get a bit dirty, take in a few rays, and get some awesome exercise to boot.. Plus I really did get alot accomplished. I cleaned the patio area, and started on the side of the house...Ughhhh..Which is all but taken over by some type of NEVER AGAIN IN MY RIGHT MIND....will I plant this specific variety of clematis.. needless to say its rather invasive. I've decided I'm going to weed kill it, and cover it all up with landscape paper, and then mulch...Okkk wish me luck I'll need it. Between the clematis and the mint, and the Bradford pear trees running rampant...it's really crazy out there....Sighhhhhh


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