Enough Said...

SO True!!!
What in the world has been going on with me...I've been so busy of late that I haven't even had time to be on my beloved blog... Grr. I've been a tad bit down.. sometimes I feel like my life doesn't go as I wish it would..but I guess everyone feels like that. I've also been kinda up in the air about how I feel I get treated by others.... Like that quote says....How I expect others to do as I do....I can't do that.. I'm not sure why I do??? All I know is I treat people the way I think they would want to be treated, the way I wish I would be treated...that's a code I live by.. And I always feel let down when people don't reciprocate...I get mad, and want to say "The Hell With It""...I want to start being like everyone else, act selfish, forget birthdays, don't say thank you, be crappy and moody...Ughhhhh If I do those things...then the guilt hits me...Always the guilt.. I feel guilty about things I don't even need to feel bad about??? Maybe my guilt keeps me in line. But I'm sick of it... Sometimes I wish I was as free as all the other non-caring, non-feeling assholes, the world is full of... Enough said.


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