All Souls Day

For some reason I really like this painting and it reminds me of the meaning of All Souls Day. A time to remember those we've lost and cherish the memories of the times we had with them. While driving down the street today I saw a little gray haired lady getting out of her car and walking up the steps to 10:30 service. I took a double take because she reminded me alot of my Grandmother Margie, who I thought possibly was trying to send me a sign. She always made sure she attended Sunday mass, and as I looked in my rear view mirror I recalled some fond memories of her. Both of my grandmothers were such wonderful cooks,but Mama Margie was a awesome baker, maybe that's where I get my love of baking from? We even made several things together, I truly cherish those times. I sometimes wonder if I spent enough time with my grandparents, did I include them enough, help them enough? Did they know I loved them?? Oh there it goes that relentless inner voice...But I love you Mama Margie, Mama Mae, Papa Bill, and Papa Clarence!! You are all a part of me, and a piece of you will always carry on..


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