What the......

Sometimes It's hard for me to be positive..the truth is I've been a bit down of late...I know broken record..sorry I gotta vent. I'm screwed up about guess what a job. I'm back to work at Sam's and to tell you the truth when I found out we were opening back up 5 days a week I was sad, down, upset, scared even...I didn't want it to happen. I really believed when the fire happened it was meant for me to do something else. Perhaps a sign from the universe that it was time for a change...the fire forced me to ponder the possibility of something else. Before I had my safe haven...and now it's back and I don't want it.. I know this all sounds very jumbled and odd, and messed up...I'm rambling.. I have tried!!! I mean really tried I bet I've put in 50 applications, had 3 interviews..and nada, nothing zip has come from it... I mean I was down to putting in restaurant applications...which I said I wouldn't do...but I went to that even....I put in at Starbucks for heavens sake...Short of putting in a at places like Walmart, and Kmart for minimum wage....I've done it..So whats the problem?  My friend said I should stop applying at places like Starbucks and writing down I have a Master's degree in Psychology...she seems to feel that it's well lets say a bit off putting to potential employers??? And the truth is in every interview I had the first question was indeed...Why do you want to work here...when you have so much education???? Well lets see,,,I'm desperate, I need a job, I hate Psychology...there is 3 answers for ya. God please Help..My education doesn't appear to be marketable, it's outdated...need I say more.But I'll never say it was a waste.. The days of well you have a degree, companies like that...seems to be over. Or atleast it hasn't been that way for me in my experience. Plus how can I quit my job where I can make in 3 days what everyone else makes in a 40 hr work week at Pizza Hut... Is that smart???? What happened to me? Where am I going? Tonite there was a conversation about school, and education, and maybe kids should just drop out in 8th grade? I mean what good is education anyway??? And I'm always that target....point the finger at Erika...What good has her education done her.........nothing... I know I'm a bad example of where a good education can get you...but I still believe it's a good thing and that possibilities are there for you if you reach for them... Maybe I've just wasted my life....I'm lost.


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