Being creative...........

Ok it's that time of year.....Rowan Moon=Being Creative...Now I love all things artsy, new, different, and creative. So here's a fun way to stay positive, feel good about yourself, and be artsy all in one fell swoop...Enjoy! I actually did this and I love looking at these brightly colored cards full of awesome things to say. They do help alot....for when your feeling a tad bit blue. I used one of those index card books you can buy at Office Depot that has the ring holding them together. But I saw on the net where you can recycle old playing cards as well..
Positive affirmations are statements that you say to yourself either out loud or internally to help reinforce that statement or belief. The use of positive affirmations is encouraged by health professionals for people who are suffering from excessive stress, anxiety, panic, depression and self-esteem issues, along with a host of other problems and disorders. Putting your positive affirmations on a card can help you remember them when needed. Affirmation cards can be both varied or repetitive, depending upon your needs.
  • Find positive affirmations that fit your needs. Positive affirmations can be found online, in self-help books, on self-help CDs, in magazines or you can come up with your own. Examples of popular positive affirmations include:
    I am worthy of love.
    I am fit, healthy and attractive.
    I love myself for who I am.
    I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
    I deserve love, success and happiness.
  • Write the positive affirmations you have chosen on your index cards. Either put one affirmation per index card or make one master card with all your affirmations. You can also cut words out of magazines and glue them to make your affirmation cards.

Decorate your positive affirmation cards with stickers, wrapping paper or magazine cut-outs. You can also draw pictures on them with markers or colored pencils. You can decorate just one side or both the front and the back of your cards.Laminate your card by placing it between laminate paper. You can also use clear packing tape to cover the front and back. This will help protect your card from damage and make it more durable if you decide to take it with you or keep it in a pocket or purse.


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