Train a Pup..

I'd really like to have a puppy....Yes I know there lots of work. I see them everywhere...People getting new pups, and their discussions about them..I wish...Sigh!!! But having a puppy is a hugeeeeeeeee endeavor and you have to have lots of time and energy to put into their lives and development.. Never again do I want my animals to play a distant 3rd...4th fiddle to everything else going on in my life. If you get a pup...they need to be somewhere at the top..Maybe not first but they should be getting lots of your time and attention. I'd want to train my new dog and spend lots of quality time with him...walks at the park, trips to the pet store, and lots of love and attention at home.. Maybe even a show pup, or agility trial type of thing. All the above described is a big commitment of your time. So maybe everyone is right I'm not ready for a new dog right now at this point in my life...but I just hate not having the real choice for myself...frown


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