If a........

If a Pole Shift did happen??? I wondered yesterday as I stood in my driveway recently covered by almost a foot of snow. I'd clean it and then it keep coming down...Yeppp I know I was the mouse and mother nature the wheel...hmmm. Stop the madness I thought and secretly shouted to the heavens.. In truth this is the only terrible bout of weather we've had all winter, unless you count that bit of snow early on...and it was so insignificant compared to this one, it's but a distant memory of winters past.. Now this snow, well lets just say it made a impact. It just happened Monday and already I feel like Its been a week...what is that about?? I realize it's all relative to our perception of it all...It's a inconvenience, and inexcusable danger we must avoid yet deal with..It's simply life..you deal with it and go on. So why are people so freaked out by it?? Maybe we are spoiled by good weather, most of the time...a relatively smooth sailing in this part of the world.. What would happen if we did have a pole shift? Seriously I think many would fall apart. I would want to..I hate to utter those words over a little snow... Well in that case it be alot of Snow and it last a longggggggggggggg time.. The light at the end of the tunnel would be way down the tunnel. But that's what I'd have to move towards.. I'd have too... I'd have to focus, stay positive, not freak out, and deal with the situation at hand...All of it, for however long it takes. I'd have to get used to heavy coats and ugly scarfs...Function over fashion...I"d have to deal with a different type of life...come what may...would have to be my motto?????


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