The Sun is Shing....

Well the sun is last.. yet the snow is still lingering because it's still super cold out there.. But I'm happy it's not snowing!!! So were all good! I can't wait for brighter days ahead... I get a Little "POLAR" as my best friend says, when we have to many dreary days.. Truth be told she's kind of right...I hate cloudy, dreary, saddening days. And as I have wrote on here before the sun energizes me and makes me feel juiced up.. Like the picture I posted the other day....It's like "Plug me in and charge me up"...Boy does that help...So keep shining sun! I need You!!!
  Upon looking up cute little quotes to paste on here. I realized I have too appreciate allllll of nature...I'm a nature you know...And winter, snow, all have beauty as well.. and you have to love it alll, and find beauty and happiness in every day...not just sunny this little quote is in that honor.....I'm a little conflicted..I know..


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