Being Healthy and all that...

Being Healthy is hard for me...I guess..Well maybe that's true for just about everyone? Or maybe I'm better at it than I think?? Who knows??? My theory is try and eat decent and exercise when you can. That being said I've never really had trouble with my weight. Now that may be due more in fact to genes, heredity, and a fairly good metabolism...and being under least so far...Time is ticking Truth be told I'm not so sure I'm really all that healthy, maybe compared to some people I deed....but I wouldn't consider myself the over all picture of health... I'm in ok shape..but I won't be running any marathons or walking around in a string bikini...Would I like to? Well Yes...Maybe not a string bikini, but I'd like to have the body I used to have when I was 25...Come on it's not like that was so long ago...more like 10 years ago,...HUHHHHH?? So what happened to that girl.....who could go all day, and never get tired, looked great in a pair of jeans, and was so full of energy??? Life, time, age, perhaps??? But I'm really not that old. And I feel it! I don't have the energy I used to, I struggle with headaches, feeling drug down, allergies, and a little something called endometriosis, that's certainly plagued my existence for the past 15 years.  Now none of these things are so horrible I can't deal with it.. But I want to feel better. I want to have energy. I want to be able to eat a meal and not feel like I'm going to float away??? Digestive problems??? Probably. I want to stop having 2-3 headaches per a week. I want to stop feeling worn down.  My skin is all dry and depleted...I feel like a little old lady..sigh. As I said it could be worse...lots worse...But I could also be so much better. I want the subtle skin, the vibrant body, and the glossy hair??? I've started to think alot of its the way I eat, my mood, and my mindset. As a waitress I certainly move quite a bit. But I could do better. I've been off my morning walks since the snow hit...a good excuse to sit on the couch a little longer in the I;m starting to take B-12, and my skin, hair and nail vitamin, which has vitamin C and Biotin in it. I'm alo trying to eat better, less candy, refined sugars, and all those extra calories my body really doesn't need each day. I'ts occurred to me for me it's the little things....No I was never eating fast food daily, 4 candy bars, a bag of chips, and a case of cokes, the way many people do each day....ughh. But I do eat candy, too many sweets, too many carbs, all those little extras we should really do without each day...but we don't. I've found my will power. By my calculations...from a formula me and the kids were studying during our Nutrition lesson, I should have about 2,000 calories a day to maintain my 179 pound frame. Standing at 5 ft 11, that's not so bad, but...I'd like to get down to 165, and tone up. So I figure if I keep my calories under 1,800 and exercise, I should be on my way to loosing a bit of weight, and feeling better. Drink more water...Stay Hydrated...I'm bad at this. Eight glasses a day from now on.....I'm trying. So cut the excess calories, exercise, take my vitamins, and drink more water, and try and stay positive (mindset). Hopefully this combination will do the trick.


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