Happy Rowan Moon!

Celtic Moon sign - Rowan Moon

Magickal properties:

Using meditation, Rowan is helpful with clearing the mind and opening our inspiration. The Essence of Rowan is used in vibrational medicine to assist in attuning us to nature, broadening perspectives, and making room for a deeper understanding of our place here in the universe. It also has a significant role in protection. Rowan wood was traditionally used to make spindles and spinning wheels, tool handles, stakes and pegs, dowsing and divining rods. A rowan wand or walking stick will protect you from being harmed on a journey and bring spiritual enlightenment along your path. To the Celts the Rowan was a symbol of the hidden mysteries of nature and the quickening of the life force. Scottish tradition did not allow for the use of Rowan wood for any other purpose than ritual.

Sometimes referred to as "the whispering tree," the rowan tree's magic was well known among the Celts. Its berry is shaped like a five-pointed star, first of all, the symbol of magical protection against spells, enchantments, and glamour. You, too, are a magical creature, able to use you intuition and higher understanding to both enchant and protect. Trust your insights, and act upon them - even if you're seen as "unusual" or "unpredictable" by others. Your ability to envision the future is priceless.

Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, and Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2000 

Focus on how to go about getting your goals. Spells involving communication and physic connects work well at this time of the year. Born under this Magickal sign, you use your intuition and higher understanding to enchant and protect. Quite often you are seen as unusual by others, mainly due to your ability to envision the future.

OGHAM The Celtic Oracle
by Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott

This is a time to freely express yourself both emotionally and creatively. Remember that you are ony responsible for your actions, not other peoples' reactions to them; so don't let others close to you down. Be aware of negative influences around you and protect yourself by wearing a crystal or some other protective charm. Give yourself the time and space to let new thoughts and ideas arise in you, take time out to clear your mind so that you also have the mental space to facilitate this.


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