A Moment of Anger....

Well yesterday I had a moment of anger.....I got so angry with my sister.. She hurt my feelings..and made me feel like I'm not there for anyone or I'm slacking on my duties as a daughter. She called me selfish....ughhh. Anyone who knows me knowssssssssssss I'm no where near selfish. And in all honesty at times I feel like I've given up alot of things in life so I can be there for other people. I'm always there for other people and put my own needs and wants on the back burner....So no wonder I have a complex when the people in my life have always used guilt to keep me in line... People are always saying things to make me feel bad, and I'm really the one who doesn't deserve it?? Maybe that makes people feel better about themselves...Who knows!! She said she was just joking...but why did she have to say it at all?


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