A Moment of Anger 2

For the second time in the last couple weeks, I've experienced raging anger....at my sister... Perhaps she is just worried...maybe she really does have the best intentions...But geeeeee... Long story short. The whole family is at the hospital for my dad's surgery.. I mention my calf muscle is bothering me...Hey maybe I pulled a muscle, maybe I need to eat more bananas...???? She freaks out and insists, I mean absolutely is telling me were going to go down to the emergency room now... OH MY GOD you could have a a blood clot and die???? I'm like it's fine if it continues I'll see about it...But that's not good enough I need to go right now.. My dad's laying there about to go into surgery and I'm supposed to be leaving to go to the emergency cause I have a charlie horse...Really??? This may sound a little off the wall to you...but the nurse agreed with her, and told me "I needed to take my health seriously? I could have a pulmonary embolism...?? For one the conversation between me and my sister is none of her business. For two she has know idea what a Catastrophizer my sister is??? Of course I didn't say anything to the nurse..but me and my sister got into it...I just get so angry at her...She makes me feel like I'm not smart enough to even decide when I need to to go to the Dr. I told her this isn't the time or place to be making my dad nervous about me dying of a pulmonary embolism...he has enough on his plate...Just Breathe......


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