Is it Possible.....

Is it possible for your family to drive you absolutely crazy...I mean at the point of I need to take up a vice, drinking, pills??? Of course I would never do that...but GEEEEEEEEEEE. This post could turn into a very long rant about the pressure that they...put me under.. I'm so overwhelmed...let's just start with that... My sister...God bless her..I wish she could be ok, I wish she wasn't so nervous and frazzled and freaking out all the time....I wish she was alright for her own sake...and yes my own. I do all I can do for everyone, and it never seems to be enough.. I try and as I've said before I'm one person....One... What am I supposed to do.. I want to get mad, shout to the roof tops...implode.... I've taken as many deep breaths as I can....sighhhhh


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