Welcome March Moon..."The Ash"

Welcome March! We are now well into the Ash Moon, a time of finding peace and harmony within yourself. Positive energy runs wild during this tree month!!! Utilize the Ash Moon blessings to find your life's purpose...become what you were meant to be. Heal your spirit, find your way. This moon epitomizes Healing, most specifically your soul, and spirit....not so much your physical health. However, as many well know the mind is certainly connected to the health of our bodies...heal the mind and perhaps some of those pesky physical ailments will fade away....The Ash is known as "The Moon of Waters... I love this moon becasue I always need a reminder to stay positive and heal emotionally...It keeps me on track and focused...off the top of my head...Coral, Seahorses, and the color peach are associated with this moontime.. Bless Be


The ash has always been revered as a magical tree. In Scandinavian countries the universe was believed to be composed of a giant ash called the Yggdrasil, and runes were traditionally made from ash wood. In Greece ash trees were sacred to Poseidon, the god of the sea and the wood was used to carve charms that protected against drowning.

Walking Meditation

Practicing this technique during the Ash Moon will free your mind from stress and attract solutions to your problems. You will need a smudge stick, a bunch of herbs – usually white sage – that is used to “smudge,” or cleanse, and area with smoke.
1. Light a smudge stick, then take time to relax and breathe deeply.
2. Direct the smoke around your body, taking time to cleanse your aura, and say: “Spirit, I walk this journey and invite you to join me. May each step be sacred.”
3. Take a walk through nature. Everything on your journey has a message for you, so relax and enjoy.
4. On your return, write down any animals you encountered and unusual sights or flashes of inspiration you received.


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