So nosy.....

Yes I have a blog...and No, nobody really reads I don't have facebook, or twitter, or instagram...or all the other social media venues that most "normal" people have. I like my that a crazy notion??? I'm off the grid for the most the techies would say. As I've wrote in the past the reason for this blog is that it's my therapy...without it I'd be a little less ok everyday...sound strange?? I guess I'm pretty odd in a social media frenzied world. I do post stuff on here about things I'm into, or things I've recently done...but that's more like a journal for me, and again no one really sees it, and honestly some things on here I wouldn't want everyone to see...but they don''s just out there in the great unknown. And yes occasionally a stranger may see this writing...but if my struggles or feelings help another person who may be feeling the same way, then that's awesome. But I don't intend for everyone to see.. and like I said they don't. On to the point of this post... Why do people feel like it's ok to ask you a bunch of super personal questions in front of a bunch of people who you may or may not want to know the answer to said questions????? Why? Example: Today at work I walk in and the cook puts his arm around me and tells the other cook," Can you believe this beautiful girl is single?" I fib a little and tell him I may not be married but that doesn't mean I'm single??? Reason...Both the cooks are extremely friendly...if you know what I mean...I really don't want them getting it into their heads that I'm available...I'd rather not deal with it..So if you have a boyfriend...well lets just say your a little more off limits than if your all alone, and looking...see my point?? So maybe I lie..and I feel bad, I feel guilty??? He then goes on to ask me why I don't have kids??? Really?? Maybe I can't have kids?? Then it's they'd be so beautiful...okk a thinly veiled compliment atop a thinly veiled insult...gee today was grand!!smile So how do you deal with nosy people!! Why does it make me uncomfortrable? Am I just weird or what???


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