Who Knew??

Well last night Winter packed her final punch....maybe...smile! 10.5 inches of snow in these parts...and more fell a little south of here.. This was worse than last week....ughhh. Yep we've really been pounded the last few weeks. Where's a Farmer's Almanac when you need one?? Where are you Spring...we need you? I'm pretty sure we'll have a late spring.. Why? Well it's March 4th and we've yet to see a sign, or a peek of the spring flowers. Of course that's probably mostly because we've had so much snow, there still hiding deep in the earth, afraid to poke their heads out...they know the drill...lol.  I'll have to check my years passed garden journal but I believe there's been times when I was already thinking about tilling, and a week or so later actually planting my cabbages...GEEEE. We are late.. Right now I'm still worrying about snow shoveling....not planting spring crops???
I started about 8:30 this morning, shoveling the driveway, and I'm just coming in at 1130...It was a big job. I need a little warm up time before I go back out to feed the birds...they're brrr too....Usually as soon as I leave the food, the birds come flying down ready for their treat!!smile
My work was even closed today, so it must be pretty bad out there....


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