The Spring Equinox and other magical happenings.....

Well it's March 20th the official First Day of Spring!!! I always thought the first day of spring was the 21st...but the days seems to be bouncing around a bit...Anywhooo...I'm so glad Spring is here...soooo Happy.. Today also contains a very special and interesting set of conjunctions that only happen...well hardly ever... There is a total solar eclipse, a super new moon, and the vernal equinox all in the same day!!! Wow talk about a powerful and important day!!! The vernal equinox is also known to some as Ostara, and is a Easter like time of rebirth, new beginnings and renewal....very similar to Easter in my mind.. I feel like both Easter and Ostara are important because they are 2 different sides of a amazing coin, and both deserve respect...Jesus and
A Supermoon, or perigee moon, happens when the full or new moon does its closest fly-by of the Earth, making it look bigger than it normally does. And the spring equinox refers to the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration, mid-way between the longest and shortest days.
The solar eclipse refers to a phenomenon where the sun and moon line up, so that the latter obscures the former. And while it won’t be affected by the two other events, it is rare that the three events happen even individually.
The Sun, Moon, and Earth will be exquisitely aligned on this day bringing us substantial energy. Many feel the energy building. I have been feeling it for days, and it feels good. Although, to some it may feel unsettling. Rightly so, this energy is all about transformation. Those of us who are seeking change and a new beginning, we should not allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers. It would seem that everything is in place, and all we need to do is show up and be specifically present.
New moon energy is well known and valued for its association with spring, new beginnings, and change. The new/dark moon symbolizes the inkling of an idea, and new projects or goals. It can also help remove obstacles. The spring equinox holds many of the same energies. When the sun, earth, and moon align perfectly in this rare phenomenon, you can bet there will be power to spare.
Most of the time, there are between three and six Supermoons a year. There is set to be six in 2015, two of which have already happened. The next will take place on March 20, the day of the eclipse, and the others will come in August, September and October.
The spectacular Supermoon images that are often spotted can only happen when the moon is full, since it can only be seen then. As a result, only the last three Supermoons of this year will be visible — because the moon is new rather than full on March 20, it won’t be seen. But it will be gliding past us closer than ever, and its shadow will be visible as it blocks out the sun on Friday morning.
Spring equinox
The equinox will also happen on March 20. While it won’t have any discernable, direct impact on how the solar eclipse looks, it will contribute to a rare collision of three unusual celestial events.
On March 20, the Earth’s axis will be perpindecular to the sun’s rays — which only happens twice a year, at the two equinoxes. After that, it will start tipping over, making the days longer in the northern hemisphere.
As such, the equinox has long been celebrated as a time of beginning and renewal, by a number of historic cultures, and is linked to Easter and Passover.
The equinox will happen at the same time as a solar eclipse in 2053 and 2072, though it doesn’t always appear as close together as that.


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